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Launch of Senator Moodie's youth-centered and collaborative report on a Commissioner for Children and Youth

Following a year of engagement with almost 500 young people from across Canada, I am excited to share with you a ground-breaking report on the thoughts of young people on a Children and Youth Commissioner for Canada. I invite you to read through this report: A Look into Our Thoughts: A Collaborative Initiative on the Creation of a Commissioner for Canada’s Children and Youth and learn from these young Canadians who are ready, willing, and excited to engage in our democracy and decision-making. 

“In my life before coming to the Senate, I always cared deeply for the rights and well-being of children. Yet, what we have and continue to witness is the continued relegation to second-class citizenry of 8 million people in Canada – our children. This is why I introduced Bill S-210 to establish a federal advocate like a Commissioner for Children and Youth, and our next step forward was clear - a comprehensive and systematic collaboration process on this role with children and youth across Canada.” – Hon. Senator Rosemary Moodie, Independent Senator for Ontario

To read the Full Report.

To read the Executive Summary.