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Anti-Black Racism

Parliamentary Black Caucus

I am honored to be part of such a passionate and dedicated group of parliamentarians standing together to promote equal opportunity and inclusion!

The Statement released by PBC on June 16th, 2020 can be accessed here.

We had the support of over 130 cross-party senators and MPs. This is a call for immediate action, not for more consultation and deliberation.


PBC coming together to congratulate Kamala Harris

PBC gathering virtually to congratulate US VP-elect Kamala Harris on becoming the first Black and South Asian woman to occupy this post

Senate Emergency Debate on Racism

I called on my colleagues in the Senate to lend their voices and their support in an Emergency Debate on racism. 

In my speech I drew on some of my own experiences as a black woman in Canada. My wonderful colleagues delivered passionate and moving speeches acknowledging the acuity of the situation and affirming their commitment to keep the momentum of the growing movement for equality strong.



Disaggregated Data and Race-Based Data Collection


Senator Jaffer has been very proactive in her advocacy of race-based data collection and her efforts to implement mandatory bias training at the Senate. 



Senators' speeches in response to the Speech from the Throne and in acknowledgement of Black History Month


I am joined by my esteemed colleagues Senators Mégie, Ravalia, Bernard and Jaffer.