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SOCI committee is mandated to examine legislation and issues pertaining to social, cultural, labor, health, and welfare matters. Additionally, this committee examines matters related to immigration, consumer affairs and youth affairs


SECD Committee has the mandate to examine legislation and study issues related to national defence, security and veterans affairs.




Statement in Support of Senator Jaffer's Amendment to Bill C-7

Hon. Rosemary Moodie Thank you, Your Honour. I stand today to strongly support Senator Jaffer’s amendment to Bill C-7. I want to begin by thanking Senator Jaffer for her strong advocacy on issues facing racialized Canadians. Notably, she has championed the issue of race-based data throughout this debate and on this bill and has helped move this conversation forward. I welcome this amendment because it is a sensible response to the request of Black Canadians. You will recall th…
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Speaking to Senator Plett's Amendment to Bill C-7

Hon. Rosemary Moodie Honourable senators, I rise to speak to this amendment on Bill C-7. I intend to vote against this amendment because I believe that clinicians do have well-recognized conscience rights in place in provincial regulations across this country, and that this amendment seeks to accomplish what has already been decided against by the courts. The medical profession has sought to balance the rights of patients against the moral conscience of clinicians for decades.…
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C-7 Motion in Amendment Negatived

Hon. Rosemary Moodie [20:45] Honourable senators, I wanted to start by sharing a few thoughts around the question of the validity of MAID procedures and some of the information that we have received from witnesses that seeks to shed some light on the comparison between, completely frankly, an unrelated set of procedures; that of lethal injection. My office started to look at the experience of MAID providers some months ago, and we conducted a survey of 17 clinicians throughou…
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